Personal development

Do you also want to develop yourself?

Do you also want to develop yourself?

Have you just arrived in the Netherlands or have you been here for a while and would you like to develop yourself? In this article you will find some courses you can do, to improve your communication or work skills.


Forklift Basic Course

A forklift course is recommended for everyone who drives or wants to drive a forklift. To drive a forklift, you must be able to demonstrate that the driver is qualified.

The forklift truck basic course is a one-day course which covers all the requirements of the Arbo (Working Conditions Act). The Working Conditions Act states that all vehicles, machines and other equipment must be operated safely and capably. During this one-day course you will be trained both theoretically and practically as a forklift driver.
Cost between €175,-  and €250,-.

Good to know: Many forklift courses are available in the Polish, Romanian, English and Turkish language!


Sprayer license 1 - Preforming

This license applies if you work in Greenhouse horticulture.

The perform spray license (license 1) is the first license employees need to work professionally with crop protection products. During the training you will learn the basic principles of crop protection. This includes safety, effective control and attention to the environment.

This course consists of 6 sessions (3 teaching days) + exam and costs € 640,-.
However, you can apply for the Dutch STAP budget for this course, which means that this course will FREE!

Workers and job seekers in Holland can apply for a STAP budget up to €1,000 per year for training and personal development. This is a subsidy you can only use for a training, course or personal education.

To apply for this subsidy, you must be able to prove that you will be attending a course or training. Therefore it’s important that you receive a registration receipt and student number from the training center.

Important to know:

  • You can only apply for the subsidy once per year
  • Proof of registration for a course or training does not constitute official registration.
  • Be well prepared